Delta Baggage Policy

Delta Baggage Claim Policy

Delta Airlines is one of the most popular airlines in the United States of America, Over the years it has built a good reputation and a loyal client base amongst passengers. Inflight services ensure passengers are both safe and comfortable during the journey of the flight. Delta airlines has a streamlined delta baggage claim policy. The delta airlines baggage claim policy assists passengers to receive their baggage on time as soon as they land on the desired destination. 

Baggage Claim Policy for Delta Airlines: 

All passengers who prefer Delta airlines as a mode of travel, are encouraged by the airline to read and understand the delta baggage claim policy. It is mandatory for each passenger to abide by the guidelines laid down in the baggage policy. In case any passengers fail to meet the guidelines laid down in the policy, he is required to pay extra charges to carry the extra baggage along with them on the flight. 

Delta airlines baggage claim policy lays down the following guidelines: 

  • If a passenger carries only one personal belonging and one piece of baggage no extra cost has to be paid by the passenger. 
  • The baggage which has been checked into the flight is a chargeable one. If a passenger increases the quantity of check in baggage he will have to bear the extra cost for each baggage. 
  • The chargeable fees baggage which exceeds the permissible weight limit depends on the total weight of baggage and its size. 
  • The total allowed baggage weight is 23 Kg which can be carried on a Delta flight. This has been permitted by delta baggage claim policy. 
  • Passengers can carry a bag with the following dimensions 56x36x23 cms. And 157 cms is required for check in baggage. 
  • Total permissible limit for passengers for baggage to be checked in is 2 per person. 

Delta Policy for Baggage Claim:

Delta Policy for Baggage Claim

When a passenger arrives at the designated airport, they report to the baggage conveyor belt so that they can claim their respective baggage. Passengers undergo a lengthy baggage claiming process, it is advisable that passengers should patiently wait till their baggage is safely collected by them without any hassle. 

Delta Airlines has a specific Delta Baggage Claim number, passengers can connect on this number to clearly understand Delta Airlines Baggage Claim Policy and its guidelines.

Passengers used the following methods on the airline to receive their baggage earlier.

  • The passengers used a Fragile Sticker on their bag to receive it early at the time of luggage unloading.
  • Passengers deliberately board the aircraft late so that they can claim their baggage early. 

If passengers are travelling by First / Business Class, they have the privilege of receiving their baggage early since they are the first ones to exit the aircraft. If passengers are members of the Frequent Flier Club, they receive a priority tag on their baggage. This strategy ensures that a passenger’s baggage arrives on the conveyor belt first.

If passengers face issues while receiving their baggage, these issues can be a purposeful delay in receiving the baggage or damaged baggage, the passengers in such a scenario can contact Delta Airlines Baggage Claim Team to seek assistance to resolve such issues. Baggage Claim Team works on the following steps:

  • Passengers connect with the nearest Delta Airlines Counter to raise a query related to their baggage.
  • The Delta Airlines reservations representative provides a reference ticket to the passenger which is linked to their customer complaint.
  • Now the Delta Baggage Claim team begins the baggage claim process for the passengers.

In case a passenger doesn’t receive his baggage in a time period of 12 hours, he is provided a voucher which is equivalent to the price paid by the passenger at the time of checking in that piece of baggage. Passengers are eligible to apply for an online refund for lost or damaged baggage.

Delta Airlines has equipped its passengers with an option to track their baggage which helps them identify the actual reason behind the delay. A passenger can track their baggage by employing the following steps:

  • A passenger needs to download and install the Fly Delta App.
  • The passenger can create a report for delayed baggage.
  • Passengers can click on the track my bags option to proceed further.
  • Passenger needs to provide details of his tag given on the bag and his last name.
  • With this process you can now review the details related to your baggage.

Best ways to avoid Delta Baggage Fees:

ways to avoid Delta Baggage Fees

The best ways to avoid paying a Delta Baggage Fees which is approximately USD 60 per trip are the following:

  • Passengers are encouraged to travel light on the aircraft to ensure that they are able to save the extra cost of USD 60 per trip.
  • Passengers must join loyalty and club membership programs to avail attractive discounts and priority services as far as their luggage is concerned.
  • Passengers can purchase a premium ticket. In this ticket a passenger is allowed to carry check in baggage free of cost in which 2 bags can be included, the weight limit of these bags must range between 50 pounds – 70 pounds.
  • If passengers are serving officers in the military services of the country, they are permitted to carry 5 check in baggage under approval from the military services of their respective countries. Passengers must carry their valid Military ID and reveal them to the airline staff at the time of check in.
  • Passengers must make efforts to obtain a Delta Sky Mile Credit Card as each travel passenger is eligible for free of cost upgrades on the flight. They can avail priority boarding and get one of their baggage checked in free of cost.

Delta Airlines Baggage Rule:

As per the Delta Baggage Claim policy rules, passengers need to follow the following      guidelines to safeguard their interest:

  • Delta Baggage Claim Policy states that the fees charged for first check in baggage weighing under 23 kgs is USD 30. The fees charged for the second check in baggage weighing 23 kgs is USD 40 for each trip.
  • The dimensional size of baggage should not exceed 62 inches which is 157 cms .
  • For passengers who enjoy Delta Sky miles and are American Express Cardholders, one of your check in baggage is checked in free of cost.
  • The baggage allowance charged for each trip depends on the route and the fare class chosen by the passenger.
  • Baggage which is oversized as per the permissible limit stated in the baggage policy will not be accepted as check in baggage, this luggage will be put on hold by the airlines.
  • Different sport equipment such as Ski, fishing equipment, hockey and golf kits are permitted to be taken on Delta Airlines, the baggage fees applicable is different from the standard baggage.
  • Passengers travelling on the aircraft with oxygen kits must be allowed a 100 percent battery life on the aircraft regardless of the flight duration.

Best way to minimize your baggage fees:

It is always advisable to passengers travelling on Delta Airlines to minimize their baggage cost or they should take measures to avoid paying a single penny for the baggage. A tactic recommended to passengers by Delta Airlines to avoid extra cost on baggage is that passengers make an online payment for the recommended baggage fee.

Secondly, passengers should ensure that the weight of their baggage should not exceed the permissible limit which is under 23 kgs for each flight. 

Before travelling on Delta Airline, you can raise your respective queries and concerns regarding the Delta Baggage Claim Policy with the customer service desk of the airline.

Delta Airlines Checked Baggage Fee, Weight Limit:

As per the Delta Airlines Baggage Claim policy, standardized baggage cost USD 30 for the first baggage and USD 40 for second baggage. For this condition to be applicable the length, width and height should be equal to or less than 62 inches and under 23 kgs. 

  • The fee charged by Delta Airlines Baggage Claim for excess baggage which means either 3 or more than 3 bags per person travelling on Delta Airlines will cost USD 85 to USD 95 for each baggage.
  • Any bag that weighs more than 23 kgs is charged additional fees so that it can be sent on the airline. Any bag weighing 44 kgs or more or in other words, 99 pounds is not permitted to fly on aircraft and it cannot be counted as check in baggage on the airline.
  • Any bag which has the total length, width and height of more than 62 inches is considered to be oversized. Delta Airlines baggage claim policy charges additional fee to permit oversize bags on travel. Any baggage which measures more than 109 inches cannot be accepted as check in baggage by the airline.
  • To safeguard the interest of passengers and prevent them from paying excessive fees for check in baggage, passengers can use the shipping service available with the airline and pay a cost of USD 15 which allows them to ship their luggage to the desired destination to any place in the USA.
  • In case passengers lose their baggage they can contact the delta baggage claim phone number, 8003258224. You can speak to a staff member of Delta airlines to report the baggage which is lost or missing.  

Delta Airlines Damaged Baggage Claim:

Delta Airlines Damaged Baggage Claim

Passengers can identify any kind of damages on their bags while they undergo the baggage claiming process at the airport. Passengers are given the leverage to apply for a reimbursement or claim repair charges from Delta Airlines.  Delta Airlines Baggage Claim for Damaged Baggage, there is a streamline process followed by Delta Airlines to assess the damaged baggage. Delta representatives will assess the damaged baggage and identify the damages such as broken zips, scratches on the bag and broken threads, etc. The Delta Airline cannot be held responsible for paying off these damages as they are a result of packing untidily and overstuffing of luggage. 

If the damage to the baggage is caused by an action taken by Delta Airlines, the airline will ensure that complete repair services are provided to the passenger by the airline. The passengers can track and monitor the repair process through the website of the airline.  

When the bags are dropped at the check in counter of departure destination airport, it undergoes numerous checking practices conducted in due course of the journey before it is loaded on aircraft. Once random checks are carried out on the baggage and during this process any kind of damage is caused, in such a case passengers can contact the transport security association to take corrective action. 

Delta Airlines Carry on Allowance:   

Delta Airlines Carry on Allowance is an allowance that permits a passenger to bring along one cabin baggage along with a personal belonging free of cost. The baggage dimensions for carry on allowance should not exceed the standard size which is 22x14x9 inches. And there is no specified weight restriction on the major routes of the airline. 

There are few items which are exempted from Delta Airlines Carry on Baggage List. These can be included with carry-on baggage without an additional fee, like Umbrella, Wheel chair (for a disabled passenger).

In connecting flights of Delta Airlines which have a seating capacity of 50 seats or less, the passengers should only bring necessary personal belongings as a carry -on baggage due to limited space available for storage. Any additional carry – on baggage can be checked in at the boarding gate free of cost. 

Small musical gadgets can be taken to the aircraft as a carry- on allowance provided these gadgets can be accommodated in front of the seat or the cabin space available in the locker available above the seat. Certain items cannot be permitted as cabin baggage, these include items like fireworks, arms and ammunition, face bleach and hover boats. If any passenger wants to carry his pets which include birds, house cats or dogs, they have to be caged and a fee of USD 125 is charged per animal per one trip each way.

Delta airlines carry-on baggage is basically the cabin baggage which a passenger can carry with him inside the aircraft cabin free of charge if the baggage is within the specified permissible limit. 

Explain Delta Baggage Claim Guarantee:

Delta Baggage Policy

Delta baggage claim guarantee means delta airlines promises its customers that each time a passenger takes a flight with delta airlines. The baggage will be delivered on the conveyor belt timely. If the luggage does not reach the conveyor belt timely each passenger is eligible for 2500 miles to be credited to their account. 

Explain Delta Carry on Policy: 

Delta carry on policy facilitates passengers to take along one personal belonging and one cabin baggage. Passengers can accommodate one bag below their seat and the other on the cabin storage available above the seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. According to Delta Baggage claim, a passenger is permitted to carry 2 standard sized bags as part of cabin baggage and the check in baggage should weigh under 23 kgs so that it is checked in to the airline without paying additional fee.

Ans. Yes, a passenger is eligible for claiming a reimbursement if the bag is not located by the airline. However, to be eligible for the expense reimbursement the passenger needs to submit a baggage claim form as a mandatory procedure. For a delayed baggage the passenger is issued an electronic voucher which is equal to the price paid for that piece of baggage at the time of check in. This is applicable only if the passenger doesn’t receive his luggage within 12 hours after he has reported the delay.

Ans. A passenger can access his delayed baggage receipt on the official website of Delta Airlines which is The passenger can access the delayed baggage receipt under my receipt section on the website.

Ans. Yes, it is the responsibility of Delta airlines to transfer baggage from one flight to another in case of connecting flights. Passengers are responsible only to board the aircraft; all the other aspects are taken care of by the ground staff.

Ans. As per the Delta baggage policy, a passenger is permitted to bring one piece of cabin luggage along with a small sized backpack, camera, briefcase (any 1 of these items is permitted along with cabin luggage free of cost).


  • The official website can be visited by the passenger. 
  • Search for the online Delta Bag Claim form.
  • Click on the option “Fill and Sign Online Option.”
  • Now click on Advanced Tools to download an editable pdf format of the form.
  • Passenger needs to enter details of official identification and his contact details.
  • Passengers can click the relevant check marks as applicable on the form.
  • Passengers need to thoroughly cross check all details entered by him in form are accurate.
  • Passengers need to digitally sign the form using their electronic signature.
  • Passengers can press the done option once the form is completed.
  • Passengers can either keep the electronic copy of the boarding pass or get a boarding pass in a printed format. This action can be completed by a submit button.

Ans. As per the baggage claim policy of Delta Airlines must reach the passenger within 12 hours of reporting the delayed baggage request. If this time period exceeds a passenger will receive an electronic voucher from the airline which equals the baggage fees charged to the passenger at the time of check – in.

Ans. It is recommended that a passenger pays the check – in baggage fee well in advance through the online process as he may be charged extra cost at the airport and it will be a time consuming activity for passengers.