It is necessary to go through any corporation policy of a company before you use or apply their service. Delta Airlines reservations are concerned regarding your right to privacy. Whenever you visit our website Delta Airlines you can be guaranteed that all your information and details you share with us are well secured and safe. Our number one priority is to make customer tension free by providing the proper security of their personal data. In our policies, we have discussed and focus on all the information concerning why and from where we accumulate data from you and keep safe with us.

Why We Collect Information?

Delta Airlines collect information for the following reasons:

  • To give you the acquired services
  • To ping you regarding the incomplete flight reservations
  • To give individual and proper assistance support in your travel
  • Better and Improve our services
  • For clearing your problems and doubts
  • For maintaining your account
  • To provide up-to-date data such as flight updates
  • Clients will be informed or pinged in case any such declaration is being made.
  • To restricting you from doing any unauthorized actions
  • To communicate with you
  • Provide you the details of the best offers for traveling

Use of intellectual premises

Our website is enhanced with great-quality images, content, symbols, logos, and other sorts of intellectual assets. We strictly notified not to reuse those published content and data for any business purposes. Definitely, you have to pay or compensate if anything of that caused our website reputation.

Your rights

Listed below some important rights concerns with your private details. Have a look on.

  • Verify with us that we are preparing your data and details
  • Have data corrected or changed if it is wrong or incomplete in any case.
  • You can request for deleting your personal data if there is no compelling purpose for its continued with us
  • Inquire introduction to the personal data we carry of yours
  • Demand that we withdraw your consent

Third-party Advertisers

Our website allowed third party advertisement without notifying you. These are the marketing companies that allowed to give the advertising on the popular website. They can use cookies, pixel tags, and or other software that implement the data about ads in which you show interest. Our website does not share any private details of your to these advertising companies. Private Information we receive Personal Information that you optionally give to us regarding you when you enroll on our website with us. This private individual information is essential for us to be able to provide you products and services that appeared on our website and this data covers your name, telephone numbers, email address, and mailing address.


Cookies are tiny parts of data or records that are automatically collected and saved by your device browser on your system’s drive. It promotes the website or assistance provider’s system to recognize your browser and retain certain data. The cookies which are saved on our record we provide for the advertisement purpose in your browser. We make use of the stored cookies to get your preference for later visits, keep a record of the ads, and collect aggregate data regarding site traffic, in order to develop your activity.

How much long time we keep your Private Data?

Private data is maintained as long as is required, for the persistence that it was basically obtained. To guard us against any fake claims, so we generally stored the documents for at least 6 years. All the records are stored in a queue with the legal process and guidance to recollect anytime.

IP addresses

Whenever you visit our prestigious website, with any of the devices such as mobile and laptop for security reasons we record your IP address to connect and communicate with you. Our server records your device details for security purposes.

We collect your IP location to follow and track you by your browser search and then provide the advertisement for your related search from our website. These all things we do to protect you from other fake airlines’ websites.

Traveler Profile

Delta Airline creates your profile whenever you enroll on the website. This Traveler Profile holds your individual private information along with any additional information that you freely experience with us. We will also attach to the Profile data that we gather about you about how you apply to our website. Also, we may hold information that we collect from external sources around you like e-tickets and routes from delta airlines that you should use. We receive and get used to this data to help us maximize our assistance to you and to guarantee that you have the greatest reasonable user experience.

Update without announcement

We always keep in mind that never share your personal details with an unspecified third party. If in case any agency law forcing us to give your details then we immediately share the notification with you. After that, we are not obligated.

Surveys and Online Contest

In our continuous effort to enhance our services, we value your comments and feedback on our customers. We may request you from time to time as an enrolled customer of the website to join in online reviews and surveys This contest is not compulsory it’s your choice to do it our responsibility to know your feedback by doing this type of contest. If you buy any kind of book related to traveling from our website then we request you to give feedback and comments from an allotted member of our team.

Children and Minors

Those Children and Minors below the age of 18 are strictly not allowed to sign up on our website and use any service and product through our website. Minor is a crime if they do any wrong thing that down our website reputation that is the reason we strictly not allowed the children. We track the minor’s and children’s activities to respect our policy rule.

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