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Our website gives excellent and best deal travel associated services at a very low competitive price. Every client is important to us. Thus to manage and guide customers’ actions on our website we have discussed below our website terms and policy. Terms and conditions describe what you require to do and what you should bypass visiting our website. They also describe the course of business the company can take if you are doing something wrong or unusual that is not allowed. We have guided and highlighted the detail of our website terms and conditions under and you are advised to go through them. In case you oppose them you can avoid yourself from applying and using our website.


We work as an agency to make your Airline reservations and booking your airline tickets we build an organization for you to take the agreement of all the details. We also keep and hold the vacation best deal for you. As an owner, this is to inform you that our website is not responsible for the any damage or loss by the service provider. We only provide you the best deal for more info read carefully our terms and condition to bypass any trouble situation.


This is the most important point for all customers. After confirming the Airline tickets booking with us. You have to make the payment by card. All the private details of yours and as well as your card details are highly secured and safe with us. All the information is highly confidential except for the unnecessary data by the law rules.

Trademarks Quality of our Website

We are one of the numerous reputed names in the travel field. In order to maintain and remain forward of our counterparts, we spend a huge amount of money on managing quality on pictures, logos, images, symbols, and other intellectual assets. Almost every element that is ready and available on the website is directed to trademark and copyright. You are recommended not to use any illegal part of the intellectual assets in any form for illegal benefits.


All prices are displayed on our website are rather in USD or Dollars. Prices are directed to modify at any time without any notice. Delta Airlines is only confirmed once the claim has been finished and the tickets have been distributed or issued. Airlines can change their rates without notice. If a price rise occurs after you have done a reservation and booking that transforms your travel package, we will inform you of the price rise in advance before getting any further steps.

All reservations and booking are non-refundable unless any wrong situation occurs. Delta Airlines requested to you does not involve airline luggage fees. Please read and understand the booking plan carefully before you get a reservation and booking. Cheapbestfares does not hold any liability for customers taking any class of service and booking a different class seat.It becomes the complete liability of the customer to verify the flights already and then confirm the booking of a reservation. None of the bookings and tickets will be confirmed until the supplier deliveries the tickets to you


All the customers out there are advised to read all the data properly. That gives the surety to them that they are using the website is totally free from any kind of threats and virus such as malicious code and harmful items. In any case, if you find these threats then we are not responsible for any damage or loss.

Third-party website link

You may notice a number of various third-party website links on our website which are related and used for your reference. In actuality, we don’t recommend or support those websites. Therefore you need to conform with their own terms and conditions before applying them.


We strongly recommend that you take out adequate travel support in order to satisfy you and your company as many of the principals or suppliers want you to do so as a form of engaging and booking with them. Some specific destinations have started taking out a travel Support compulsory, hence we would recommend you to check with the appropriate government or the International and Commonwealth Office. These protection cover may cover you and your company against the cost of removal by you; the cost of support (including repatriation) in the case of accident or sickness; loss of luggage and money; and other fees. Insurance cover is also possible to cover you upon the financial collapse of your travel arrangements.


All important documents (e.g. tickets/invoices//Insurance policies) that need to be posted will be given to you by post. Once documents are sent to you, no responsibility will be allowed by Flights Trade except if the loss of records is caused due to our carelessness. In such instances, if the tickets and documents need to be reused, all the expenses should be owned by you. You may demand delivery by other centers if necessary. Nevertheless, this might require additional costs, but your data will save.


Once you book the tickets we send you a confirmation email that manages that Flights Trade has confirmed your service booking request. Kindly hold in mind that this mail is only approval of your assets and the last confirmation would be given in the wake of examining the convenience of your service that you requested from the principal or supplier.


At the role of agents, the Airline trade will support you with any objections and complaints if it is genuine. You may communicate with our Customer Services for more assistance. Any questions or concerns relating to the travel systems should be directed to them. If you fail to understand this system there will be less chance to examine and rectify your objection. The number of damages you may be allowed to maybe decreased or you may not get any at all depending upon the conditions.

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